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X Theme is “the ultimate WordPress theme”. Inside the one theme are four “stacks” which are completely different designs for the site. I’ve never seen any other theme do that. And each stack is tremendously customizable. This means you can really make this theme become suitable for just about any WordPress site without even touching code.

In addition to stacks, X theme sticks out for its incredible shortcodes. X has shortcodes that quickly enable you to style your website to look fantastic without adding more plugins. There are shortcodes for pricing tables, growth bars, animated counting numbers, columns, buttons, and lots more. I was excited to see this functionality, but having made the mistake before of becoming reliant on a theme for these things and then later spending days to go fix the shortcodes when I changed themes, I was nervous at first about using them. Fortunately, X provides a plugin for all these shortcodes, so if you ever end up changing themes down the road, it won’t break your site.

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