Dissolve is a stock video site that was posted in the comments below. We love it. The quality of the clips is very impressive, and that’s partly because the footage is shot on very high end equipment (e.g Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Canon C300). These cameras produce stunning shots and crystal clear 4K video – many of the clips on Dissolve have been transcoded from this resolution so look great at 1080p!

There is a bit of a trade off: you’ll pay more to achieve this high quality video content. However, if quality is your primary focus, it’s always worth investing that little bit more. Head to the site and explore some of the content in the Ideas Blog.

Over 700,000 videos are available.

Pricing can also vary based on the type of licensing you need.

  • SD videos start at $49
  • HD videos start at $79
  • 4K videos start at $199
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