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MailGun is an email automation service and one of the best SMTP providers, which is owned by Rackspace. It allows you to send, receive, track and store emails effortlessly. With MailGun, you can send notifications, newsletters, or anything you want to distribute on a broader scale. MailGun automatically leads the delivery process for emails and presents the best possibility to land emails to inbox. Using API or control panel, you can monitor on each email you send. MailGun keeps track of every email you sent and received. It provides a variety of means to access data about your email campaigns and figures spam complaints handling, spam filtering handling, bounce handling, etc.

MailGun Plugin for WordPress provides a simple free solution with an easy configuring. It avoids the challenges of running the mail server and overcomes the limitations of your host’s mail server.

Pricing – Free plan – MailGun lets you send 10,000 emails per month for free. It charges $15 for sending 40,000 emails in a month. If you need to send more than 40,000 emails. Sending additional emails costs$0.50 per thousand emails.

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